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Let's Learn About Roanoke

The Unique Dining Capital of Texas!

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Roanoke, Texas was officially named The Unique Dining Capital of Texas by the Texas House of Representatives.  That is because they have some of the most amazing restaurants in one of the greatest Main Street’s of all time.  If you were to drive down Oak Street, you would find so many interesting and delicious places to eat.  My two favorites are Babe’s Chicken and Tacos & Avocados.  At Babe’s you won’t get a menu because they only serve two items.  Fried chicken and chicken fried steak!  They bring out the side orders and everyone gets the same thing.  Babe’s is the definition of comfort food, so wear elastic pants! However if you want alcohol with your dinner, the choices are unlimited… just bring your own of whatever you want!  When looking at Roanoke homes for sale, remember that you will always have great places to eat.

Tacos & Avocados is also a favorite just because you can get so many different types of tacos.  Have you ever had pepper crusted ribeye tacos?  What about fried avocados?  My mouth is watering just thinking about this!  If you want quick access to these restaurants, I suggest you look at the Roanoke homes for sale!

These are just two of the many unique restaurants you will find.  I suggest you try them all!

A Family Affair

Roanoke Has Many Events Geared Towards Families.

Living in Roanoke is such an amazing place to be.  Not only are the restaurants fantastic but the family atmosphere is incredible.  Roanoke boasts several events throughout the year where people from all over, visit just to celebrate these events.  There is even an event called Celebrate Roanoke!  Another reason to look at Roanoke homes for sale.

One of my favorite things about Roanoke is, they have a MASSIVE fireworks show on the 3rd of July.  Why the 3rd?  Because everyone else does theirs on the 4th!  The music, food (yes, food again), activities, and fireworks show are all so amazing.  In fact, this event is so large that parking is over a mile away and Roanoke provides free bus transportation just to get to this event!

There is so much to learn about all the annual events, that you would have to learn about them from the city’s website.  I’ve linked it here for you!

Events in Roanoke, Texas

Aside from the events that are sponsored by Roanoke, there are many other things to do.  Hawaiian Falls is an amazing water park that is in Roanoke, Texas.  This waterpark is so fun for kids and adults and you are pretty much guaranteed to run into someone you know every time you visit.  The lazy river is my favorite.  It’s pretty funny when you are in the lazy river in Roanoke because lazy is not the right word for it at all.  This is a fast river!  A small hint, if you purchase season passes, it is worth it to get the meal plan too.  That way if your son or daughter goes with a friend, their food is already paid for.  Here is a link to learn more about the local Hawaiian Falls.

Hawaiian Falls Water Park

When looking at Roanoke homes for sale, you will find some amazing things to do.  For those that like to stay healthy and keep in shape, you will find the Roanoke Recreation Center in this city.  This is a 38,000 square foot facility that contains a full gym for lifting weights and working out, racquetball courts,  basketball courts, and a children’s activity room.  This is a great way to get to know people in your community since this is only open to residents that live in this city.  Here is a helpful link to let you know more about the Roanoke recreation center.  You can even find Roanoke homes for sale very close to this rec center.

Recreation Center

Below you will find complete MLS access to all Roanoke homes for sale.  You can sort it by price, number of bedrooms, or many other ways that suits your needs.  Let me know if you are looking for something specific.  And if you are looking in the surrounding area, here is a list of Trophy Club homes for sale.

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