Your Home Is Not Selling? This Might Be Why

Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson
Published on July 5, 2016

Nothing is more disappointing to a homeowner than when their home is not selling and they are not receiving any offers. This can be an extremely stressful situation. However, worrying too much is not going to fix a thing! Rather, it is all about finding the solution to that problem.

The solution is to identify the cause of why your home is not selling. Is there anything wrong with the home? Is it something you have done, or haven’t done that is affecting the home on the market? You should be worrying about how to fix all this and dig deeper to learn the real reason the home is not selling and is sitting on the market for so long. To help you crack the code, here are some reasons why your home is not selling.

The Listing Photos Are Not Appealing

(This is an actual picture I saw on MLS from an agent!)

Most potential buyers will go through the listing pictures of the home before they decide to view the house in person. That is why photography is a vital aspect that will enhance the first impression of the home. You might find it helpful to have a professional photographer. Ideally, go for a real estate photographer, who will have an idea of the best photos to take. Improving the online presence via the photos will make the buyer want to pay a physical visit to your home.

A Problem With The Home Touch-ups

Your home might look nice, but have you noticed the extremely classic-themed kitchen? What about the cracks in the driveway? These are some of the things that might seem minor, but they could major issues as to why your home is not selling. Carry out all the appropriate renovations around the house, and get all the necessary help from a professional to make the entire process easy. You can spend less than $700 for an average home renovation, which could result in the sale of your house.

The Home Is Extremely Personal

This is a big one why your home is not selling. Some people paint their bedrooms black, others paint their porches pink, among other customizations. All these are great for you and your comfort, but what about potential buyers? If possible, use neutral paints and other customizations to make the home appeal to a broad range of buyers. If the home has too much of your taste, it could be a big reason your home is not selling.

The Price Is Too High

Everyone wants to make a profit whenever they put their home on the market. However, some tend to be too greedy, and they overprice their home. When the price is too high, buyers will try to avoid your property like a plague. Even if you want to profit from your home sale, you still need to be reasonable and friendly enough with your pricing.  If you have found that there is little activity, it is time to look at comparables around you to see if pricing may be the reason your home is not selling.


Hiring The Wrong Real Estate Agent

A big reason your home is not selling is because you did not hire the right real estate agent. The best Realtors will help you make the right choices for everything mentioned above to avoid a situation where your home is not selling. Also, hiring the wrong agent can lead you to more trouble. Some are only after the money and look for low hanging fruit without having to work. 

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