You may not notice them, but your home has eyesores

Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson
Published on June 30, 2021

You can clean your home like a professional. Organize and decorate ‘til the cows come home. Nine times out of 10, however, what your guests will notice first are those little eyesores that you’ve grown so accustomed to that you no longer notice them.

It’s the snake’s nest of cables and cords near the TV and/or the computer, the art work hung too high and the car keys and mail haphazardly thrown on a table or counter. The neater and cleaner a home is, the more a guest’s eyes will be drawn to the eyesores; they’re out of place and catch our eyes.

We rounded up some of the more common household eyesores and the solutions for them. Easy DIY projects, you can get started on them this weekend.

1. Cords and cables galore

They’re found in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, office and even in the exercise room. Wherever there are electronics you’ll find cords, chargers and cables, typically in a tangled mess and definitely one of those eyesores to get rid of.

Even one cord, say from the cable outlet to the TV mounted high on the wall, can be an eyesore.

Thankfully, there are some pretty nifty inventions to help you hide the mess.

Check out the cable management boxes at I like the D-Line Cable Management Box for its understated branding, making it a bit more stylish than the others.

Other ideas include:

  • Clipping the mess to the back of furniture. Amazon carries non-damaging plastic clips for this purpose.
  • Hide that cord from the wall-mounted TV with a cord concealer kit.
  • Check out the Cable Slinky, a rubber, spiral cord wrap.
  • For cords and cables that snake through the home, consider baseboard cord channels. These self-adhesive channels are attached at the bottom of baseboards for a seamless solution to the cord clutter problem.
  • Finally, check out this ingenious solution (fake books!) from an Etsy seller.

2. Heating/cooling ugly eyesores

Used only a few months out of the year, the window-installed AC unit can become eyesores to anyone that notices it. I found several projects that will help you conceal it and its cousin the radiator, during the periods they aren’t in use.

3. Dress up the box spring mattress

Sure, you can buy a dust ruffle to hide the box spring mattress in the guest bedroom, but there are more on-trend solutions you can try.

DIY the project with stunning fabric and a staple gun. Get the how-to at or

Earlier I touched on eyesores that drives designers nuts and is an eyesore to visitors: pictures hung too high. So, just how high on the wall should you hang them? Find out from

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