6 Outdoor Living Trends for 2021

Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson
Published on August 10, 2021

Written by: Betty White

Alt: A beautiful cabana next to a swimming pool, symbolizing outdoor living trends for 2021

Having spent the entire summer last year cooped up in our homes gave us the motivation to find a way to enjoy our time at home. Many have decided to use the opportunity and improve their outdoor living spaces. So, they carried out numerous DIY projects, upgrading their decks, building gazebos, beautifying their balconies, and working to make inviting oasis from their gardens. Indeed, these spaces played an excellent role as our home offices, exercise areas, and relaxation nooks. But, the same situation seems to continue this year. People still want to create pleasant spaces to spend time with family and friends outdoors. They want them to be more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, these projects have helped them reconnect with nature, and they will help them get a better offer if they decide to sell their homes. Therefore, we will go over some outdoor living trends for 2021, so you can find some inspiration for your garden projects. 

1. Multipurpose outdoor spaces fit for all seasons are all the rage

Wishing to spend as much time outdoors as possible and soak in the beautiful weather, people have found ways to do many activities outdoors. What is more, they realized that they could do many things they would never have imagined doing outside had it not been for the pandemic and different preventive measures. So, people are creating multipurpose outdoor living spaces that can accommodate various activities. Moreover, they are making them suitable for different times of the year.

So, one of the outdoor living trends for 2021 is creating areas where you can:

  • entertain
  • workout
  • socialize with friends while respecting distancing measures
  • work from home
  • relax
  • have video calls with friends and family in a nicer environment

The way to accommodate all of these activities is to make your patios larger. Before any works, inspect everything to make sure the area is safe. Also, creating shade is necessary, as well as covered areas where you can hide from the rain. To use this place on colder days, many have decided to install outdoor heating solutions. Moreover, a fireplace or a fire pit is a beautiful addition that will allow you to use this area throughout the year.

2. Outdoor kitchens are one of the popular outdoor living trends

Another activity people have started doing outside and more often than ever is cooking. Moreover, it seems that many have started enjoying cooking more and engaged in this activity more often due to additional free time obtained by working from home. So, why would anyone be isolated inside preparing meals while others are enjoying themselves outside? Thus, many homeowners are considering adding an outdoor kitchen. 

There are different options for outdoor kitchens. For example, you can decide to create an extenuation to your existing kitchen, but outside. It will be close to your indoor kitchen, just outside the door, which is a very convenient solution. Also, it will include cooking elements like a barbecue, pizza oven, supplementing your main kitchen. 

Alternatively, you can build an entirely separate outdoor kitchen. This is a larger project since it will require everything your indoor kitchen has. However, you can try to save some money by buying some second-hand items. You will need a prep area, fridge, sink, some storage options, and cooking equipment. That way, almost all of your cooking activities can be done outside. 

Which option you should go with will depend on many factors. Firstly, you should evaluate the space you are dealing with. Secondly, you have to consider your budget. The climate in your area will also affect the design of your outdoor kitchen. But, whatever you decide, you will need some comfortable furniture and a dining table so that you can enjoy all the delicacies you prepare.

3. Increased need for privacy

Since you want to spend more time outside, doing all sorts of things, you will want to have more privacy. For instance, if you wish to exercise outdoors, you will want to do it without worrying about your neighbors’ curiosity. Or, if you decide to work in the garden, you will need some shade, so there is no glare on the screen.

Both landscaping and hardscaping can assist you with creating more privacy and protection in your backyard. Some furniture pieces are also a brilliant idea. For example, outdoor drapery panels or outdoor screen panels are both decorative and useful solutions. A plant wall is a fantastic option if you don’t mind some extra trimming and watering.

Also, if you want to connect your indoor and outdoor space, you can do so by implementing some elements from the inside. For instance, you can use the same tiles or wood and stone elements to bring the two areas together. To add more privacy, you can add an accent wall featuring the same tiles as you have inside. 

4. More attention on outdoor lighting

Given that you will likely want to enjoy your beautiful outdoor area in the evening, too, having good outdoor lighting is essential. Just like it can transform your indoor living space, adequate lighting can do wonders for your backyard too. It can be both practical and decorative. And the options are immense. You can choose hurricane lanterns, uplighting solutions that will emphasize your plants, or different statement lighting fixtures.

Same as inside, you will need task and accent lighting. Task lighting will illuminate pathways, while accent lights will draw attention to the features you want to highlight. But don’t overdo it. Remember, in design and style, less is always more. To bright spaces are not comfortable for anyone except surgeons. As for the shade of light. Aim for lower-watt bulbs that give a warmer, golden light. Steer clear of the white.

5. There is an emphasis on colors too

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray are Pantone’s colors of the year 2021. Yellow represents hope and energy we will bring to this year, while gray symbolizes strength. Following color trends in your garden is popular this year, so why not implement these two into your backyard. You can do it with particular plants. Yellow options are abundant. Gays, however, are a bit harder to find. Still, there are some examples. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sage, for instance, all have silvery-gray hues, and they smell lovely.

6. Harmony with nature achieved with natural textured materials

When setting up your outdoor living space, you have to pay attention to the materials you use. You can achieve harmony with nature using the materials that come from nature. Of course, wood is always a good option for your garden furniture. But you can also consider adding some diversity and incorporating other materials.

For example, willow vine and rattan will add the Mediterranean vibe. A set of wicker furniture is always a good choice for your patio. And don’t forget to complement it with some comfy pillows. Linen and cotton fabrics will create a relaxing atmosphere and lightness to your outdoor space. Finally, jute rugs seem to be an indispensable trend this year. They look exotic and pair beautifully with wood or stone flooring. 

With all these ideas, the only problem you may have is the lack of space and the need to buy a bigger house. But, if you have an opportunity to work from home, then there’s nothing keeping you in that tiny garden. Even if you have to move long-distance to a house that can accommodate the garden of your dreams, with a bit of planning and some help, you can organize a hassle-free transfer across the state. You wouldn’t be the first to do so this last year and a half. Many have replaced their tiny city dwelling with spacious suburban homes. 

Final words

There are so many more outdoor living trends for 2021. For example, man-caves and she-sheds have gained popularity. Those with green fingers started a new hobby and created edible gardens, cultivating different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Others want some technological features outside, such as an amplified wi-fi signal, television, or music. And some choose to step up their relaxation game and get a wide couch under a canopy. Ultimately, what you like will depend on your needs, taste, and space. 

Meta: Here are some of the outdoor living trends for 2021. Find some inspiration and get to work to create a beautiful oasis where you can enjoy your time with friends and family.

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