3 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas

Jeff Peterson
Jeff Peterson
Published on November 29, 2017

In 2015, more than 10 million American households spent nearly $50 billion renovating their kitchens, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Organization.

Since the kitchen is the most-used room in the home, and the most popular among homebuyers, it’s money well-invested

If you plan on joining the renovators it’s time to learn about various kitchen design concepts so that you’re able to better choose the one that fits your lifestyle. You can never over-plan your new kitchen, right?

From color schemes to layouts, windows to lighting, here are some brilliant kitchen design concepts from top designers. Remember, look at the whole kitchen and decide how your renovation will impact every aspect of your new kitchen design.

The Contemporary Kitchen

If you fancy yourself on the cutting edge of technology and love new gadgets you may just be the type that will enjoy a contemporary kitchen design.

Think “sleek” when choosing appliances and anything you can have built-in, by all means do so, even the coffee maker. You can even get refrigerators that remind you to buy milk!

Speaking of appliances, a “smart” refrigerator is right up your alley

With a contemporary kitchen design, forget about granite and even quartz for the countertops and head straight for concrete. 

Look for patterned backsplashes (such as glass tile) and don’t forget under — and inside — cabinet lighting.

HGTV suggests the best places to shop for contemporary kitchen design items include West Elm, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. They also offer a style guide for contemporary kitchens on their website.

The Mediterranean Kitchen

The Mediterranean kitchen design can be summed up in three words: Warm and cozy. Oh, go ahead and throw in “romantic” as well because the iconic rich colors of this style positively drip with amore.

Houzz’s Lisa Frederick suggests using “a blend of spicy red, bright yellow, terra cotta and ocean blue” as your color scheme. Then, add dark cabinets and upholstery fabrics that connotes the sun and sea. The Mediterranean kitchen design also has a lot of wood.  Wood floors, cabinets, and ceiling beams make this warm and cozy kitchen design a popular choice. As for your countertops, get a granite that is fun and unique. You can have a lot of fun picking out your granite as part of your new kitchen design.

Top it all off with ceramics anywhere you can put them, from accessories to backsplashes.

For ideas on how to create a Mediterranean kitchen in your home, visit Decoist and Houzz. The latter also offers an accessory buying guide for your Med kitchen.

The Cottage Kitchen

Although cottage-style kitchen design may seem more suited to a vintage home, such as a bungalow, if done right it can be quite attractive even in a newly constructed home.

As you approach the kitchen design, think homey, cozy, utilitarian and down-to-earth.

Color schemes are typically heavy on the white, but “pretty painted base cabinets in pastel blue make a room shine bright,” according to Kathy Barnes at Better Homes & Gardens. Flooring should also be lighter in color and ceramic tiles or light wood are the best options.

Speaking of cabinets, you can also forget the traditional and opt for attractive, vintage-looking shelves instead. Then, throw in a farmhouse sink, hardwood floors and pendant lights for the ideal cottage kitchen design.

See examples of cottage kitchens at Southern LivingJen ReviewsThis Old House and Better Homes and Gardens.

If you prefer to start from scratch with a new home, that is ok too.  I’d be happy to help you find a home that has your ideal kitchen already, without you having to do the work! Finding the right kitchen design for your taste will absolutely make your house, your home.

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