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As a Realtor, we have instant access to see when a home is new on the market.  We can set up systems in our local MLS to immediately notify us when a home is new on the market.  This information is a HUGE advantage when we are looking for something specific for a client.  Most people have that “certain something” that is exactly what they want in a new home.  If we can be the first to be notified about a home that is new on the market, we have a step up in representing our client.

As a consumer, you too can find this information out but it will take you a lot of work!  You will need to visit many different websites in order to find out what is new on the market, however often times you will only find homes that have been listed for a while.

Below you will find all homes new on the market, that have been listed ONLY within the past 2 days!  If you find something today that you like, SAVE IT!  You will be able to do that through this website.  The reason it is important to save is because in 2 days, that house will not show up in this list anymore.  That won’t necessarily mean that the house you are interested in has sold, but it will no longer be on my list of homes that are new on the market.  This list is specifically for homes that are new on the market within the last 2 days.  Therefore this list is constantly changing.

So why is it beneficial to know when something is new on the market? If you are interested in a specific area and have seen EVERYTHING… you will want to know as soon as something is listed on MLS that is new on the market.  That way you can be first to be notified of this home.  By being the first to know about this new listing, you have an advantage over other buyers looking for the same thing.

If you are not quick enough to act, there is a very real possibility that you could end up in a bidding war.  We want to avoid that and ensure your offer is accepted before any others are put in!  However, if you do end up in a bidding war and lose, this is probably why.

Once you have placed an offer and your offer is accepted, there is now a lot to do and I will coach you all along the way! This new home on the market is now yours and we have to ensure we don’t lose it.  Immediately I will schedule a home inspection to determine if there are any major issues with this new home on the market.  During this time, you will get with your lender and start the final approval processes for your loan.  Note: the down payment is not the only costs involved when purchasing a house.  Here is a blog on how much cash you’ll need to buy that new home.

You will be able to refine your search to your specific needs, however if you want something specific, let me know!

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