Homes with No HOA

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Homes with No HOA

All homes for sale in DFW with no homeowners association

Homeowners associations… some people love them, some people hate them! Out of all my years selling homes, I’ve never had someone indifferent to HOA’s.  So what is a homeowners association?  These are private associations that are generally formed by real estate developers when developing a new community.  Their main purpose is to manage and sell lots in a community but to also have rules that are associated within the community. The HOA also grants the developer privileged voting rights in governing the association.  When the developer is finished with the community, the homeowners association allows the developer to exit all legal and financial responsibility of the HOA.  After the developer leaves or after a certain predetermined number of homes have been sold, the HOA is turned over to the owners of the community.  At that point the homeowners will vote on a board that will enforce the rules and regulations as well as vote on new ones.  If you don’t like the rules and regulations, there are really two ways you can get them changed… 1.) get elected to the board or 2.) move to a place where there are no HOA’s.

So what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a homeowners association? Some advantages will allow homeowners having maintenance and management services in the community, common parks and pools, and enforcing community standards that keep the overall look and feel to a higher standard. Another pro to a HOA is that they will handle disputes between neighbors.

Disadvantages of HOA’s are association fees, fines, restrictions in how you use your property, and mismanagement from board members.  Another con that is serious is, if you fall behind on your HOA dues, it can lead to foreclosure of your home! The fees with a homeowners association can be raised at anytime too!  Even more of a downside to HOA fees, they are not tax deductible.

To find out more about homeowners associations, I wrote a blog about ways a HOA can derail your home purchase.

When looking for that perfect home to purchase that is not in a homeowners association, you will also want to avoid for sale by owner homes.  There is some comfort in buying a resale home in a homeowners association since there is mandatory paperwork that is involved.  However buying a for sale by owner home that doesn’t have a HOA can be dangerous.  Here is another blog I wrote about the dangers of buying a for sale by owner home.

Perhaps you have lived in a community with a homeowners association and have decided you want to live somewhere with no HOA, then this is the perfect web page for you!  Below you will find ALL homes for sale in the DFW Metroplex that are not in a homeowners association.  You will be able to sort the information to best meet your criteria, however if you need to sort things further, let me know and I’ll do that for you.  Also, if any of these homes look like something you would want to purchase, let me know as soon as possible so we can go have a look!  I will be there with you for the entire process and can even recommend lenders to help you with the loan.

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