If you are looking at selling your home, chances are it’s been many years since you sold a home or, you’ve never done it before.

Perhaps you’ve thought about selling your home but want to do it yourself.  Sure, you can sell your home yourself just like you can get divorced without a lawyer, perform surgery without or doctor, or even fly an airplane without a trained pilot.  All these things are possible, however it would be so much safer and easier to hire a professional.

For someone who has sold countless homes over the years, I have a lot of advice with do’s and don’t’s when selling your home.  In fact, I have so much advice that I’ve written two books about selling your homes.

The first books I wrote is Secrets Every Home Seller Needs to Know. This book is all about how to get the most money when selling your home.  The second book I wrote is called How I Sell Homes Others Failed to Sell.  This book was written for people who have hired a real estate agent, had their home on the market, but never ended up selling their home.  I wrote a book on how selling your home with the right tools and the right agent (me) helping, will get your home sold and for the most money possible.

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