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Fort Worth Homes for Sale

Where the West Begins

Nice to meet you!  My name is Jeff Peterson and I am a TOP RANKED, multimillion dollar agent in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  I’d love to help you with your next real estate transaction and get you the most for your money!  I’ve put together this list of ALL Fort Worth homes for sale that are currently on the market.

A little history on Fort Worth, Texas…

In 1849, Fort Worth, Texas was established as an Army outpost overlooking the Trinity River.  During the Mexican-American War, General William Jenkins Worth commanded the Department of Texas which was a military department of the US Army in the mid 1800’s.  General Worth proposed 10 locations for army posts to protect settlers of Texas along the western American Frontier from attacks.  Worth passed away shortly thereafter and Major Ripley A. Arnold named that military camp, Camp Worth in honor of General Worth.  The area of this camp was built on a bluff overlooking the Trinity River and today, the current courthouse sits on that site.

Eventually the town developed as a stop on the Chisholm Trail.  Many cattle drives came right through Fort Worth and eventually the town because the center for cattle drives.  Fort Worth was even given the nickname, “Cowtown.”

Ever since the days of General Worth, Fort Worth has been a desirable place to live and work which is why many people look at Fort Worth homes for sale.  Today, there are Fort Worth homes for sale in everyone’s budget!  You can find a fixer-upper for around $20,000 to the huge mansion for over $6,000,000.  The good news is, there is everything in between too!  Searching through Fort Worth homes for sale can be a fun activity to do!

Things to do in Fort Worth

Where do I start?!?! Fort Worth has so many things to do that it’s one of the top destinations for tourists when visiting the state of Texas. If visiting is a top destination is that exciting, imagine living in Fort Worth.  You would have to search through the many Fort Worth homes for sale.

Number one on my list and probably for most people is the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I’ve included a link because there is so much to see and do at the Stockyards that you just have to see for yourself.  However, it is a MUST to see the twice daily cattle drive which you can catch at 11:30am and 4:00pm every day of the week.

Fort Worth also has an amazing zoo.  Admission prices are reasonable too.  Adults (13+) are $14, children 3 to12 years old are $10, seniors (65+) are $10 and toddlers are free.  Parking is also $5 per vehicle.  You can even become a member of the zoo and receive additional savings. Just another great reason to look at Fort Worth homes for sale.

Fort Worth is home to Texas Christian University (TCU) home of the Horned Frogs.  There are a little over 10,000 students enrolled at TCU with the campus sitting on a beautiful 272 acres of land.  TCU’s football team is a major attraction as they are a NCAA Division I school and compete in the Big 12 conference.  If you want to live close to your college student, have a look at the Fort Worth homes for sale that are close by TCU.  Don’t miss a chance to cheer on the Horned Frogs!

If you enjoy performing arts, then the Bass Performance Hall is a must in Fort Worth!  With a seating capacity of 2,056 people, this multi-purpose facility will see musicals, opera, ballet, and many touring Broadway shows.  Make sure to get a picture of the beautiful 48 foot tall limestone angels that grace the front of the building.

When looking for a break from the hustle and bustle downtown Fort Worth has an urban park called the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  It is frequently called a “cooling oasis in a concrete jungle.”  It will sound like a rain shower and it was built for visitors to be able to walk to the bottom and enjoy the sights and sounds.  For the address and to learn more, visit the city’s website here.  If you want all these fantastic features in the city you live in, have a look below at all the Fort Worth homes for sale.

Plus you can find plenty difference of restaurants in multiple price points and types.  Let me know if you’ve found a new favorite.  I’d love to try it out too!

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