Building your custom home can be a fantastic experience, if you hire the right company.  From understanding your specific wants and desires of your custom home, to really listening to you along the process, to the actual building and finishing touches, Excel Real Estate Consultants will be the perfect choice for you!. Using Excel Real Estate Consultants as your custom home builder in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex, you can be assured that your custom home is built correctly and with extreme attention to detail, in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

There are many custom home builders out there that you can choose from so why choose Excel Real Estate Consultants?  The answer is simple between the team at Excel Real Estate Consultants, we have build over 6,000 homes, all over the country.  You can be assured that your home will be exactly to your liking, with the finest craftsmanship possible.  All of our subcontractors are held to the strictest degree of excellence, so that your custom home is completed with perfection.

There is a process that is involved when building your custom home and each step requires a partnership between you and Excel Real Estate Consultants.  Our process will consist of the following phases: But first… here are some really cool and unique features to consider when building your custom home.


We will sit down with you to determine what type of custom home you are looking to build and get ideas of how you want the interior and exterior to look and feel.  If you are wanting a traditional style house, modern, or country look and feel, we will ensure your vision is our vision.


Whether you already own the lot where you want your custom home built or if you want us to find the perfect piece of land for you, this will have to be decided on before any construction begins.  We will ensure this piece of land has the proper entitlements (zoning), drainage, soil type, etc., so your custom home is suitable for that specific piece of land.


If you already have architecturally drawings, for how you want your custom home to be designed, great!  We will need to meet with your architect to discuss the plans and possible red-line revisions that could be necessary.  If you do not have approved architectural plans, we will accompany you to meet with our architect so as a team, we can ensure your custom home is designed exactly to your liking! To get a head start on the design process, you can visit websites such as where they already have everything needed for us to get started!


Once we have the first draft of the architectural plans, we will meet with you and the architect to make any necessary revisions.  The design of your custom home will look good drawn up on paper but when in the actual building process, sometimes it’s just not possible to do and revisions will be necessary.  We will discuss with you and together decide on any revisions to ensure your custom home can actually be built and that you are happy with the results.  Once you are satisfied that all your needs have been met with the drawings, a final set of plans will be completed in which you will sign, so we can begin building your custom home!


Right before construction on your custom home begins, you will start the process of selecting the custom items you would like for the finishes within the interior and exterior of your home.  For the exterior, you will select the brick color, stone, stucco, roofing, landscaping, etc.  You will then select the interior items that you want.  You will select your cabinets, counter tops, trim, appliances, electrical items, flooring, paint, and many other items that we will discuss when we are at this phase. We also have designers that can help you decided.


During this time we will begin building your custom home.  The process will begin quickly and before you know it, your house will be framed and start to look like your custom home.  Soon after framing, it will seem like construction has come to a standstill but we can assure you, things are still escalating quickly!  Perhaps there is a city inspection that is needed before we can move on or perhaps we are working on electrical, plumbing, HVAC or other items inside your custom home that just don’t appear to be major differences in construction. However, we are still working everyday on your custom home!


Just before your custom home is finished to your liking, we will have a final walk-through to ensure you are completely satisfied.  We will also schedule a time to close with the title company which will transfer ownership to you and release any construction liens on the property.  As soon as the title company records you as the owner and the sale is funded, you will be given the keys to your brand new custom home!

Throughout each phase, we will be with you through everything.  You will never feel as though you are alone and your concerns are not being addressed.  We pride ourselves in creating happy homeowners that absolutely LOVE their custom home, built by Excel Real Estate Consultants.

If you are wanting to build a custom home in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, please fill out the Contact Form on this page and we will set up a meeting to discuss your custom home ideas.  We look forward to helping you realize your dream!