Here You Will Find All New Homes for Sale in DFW that are $250,000 and Under!

This page was create for people like you, who want a brand new home, but don’t know where to look.  I’ve put together all newly constructed homes for sale in the DFW Metroplex, that are $250,000 or less!

If you want a brand new home that is ready right now, look no further!


Here are 8 Reasons to Buy a Newly Constructed Home

1.  Semi-Customization:   Many home builders that have standing inventory (a new home that is not 100% completed) will allow buyers to choose finishing touches to the new home.  Depending on the stage of the new home build, the buyer may be allowed to chose the flooring, countertops, and even paint.  If the new home has been completely built, then the buyers may not be able to choose any of the finises, however, new home builders are very good at selecting options that are their top sellers.  Therefore, your home will most likely have the designer features that you would have chose!

2.  Energy Efficiency:  The appliances, windows, sheathing, and even thermostats now days are built to be very energy efficient.  By purchasing a  new home that was just built, you will most often have a more energy efficient home that any home you’ve ever lived in.  So how does that benefit you?  For starters, you will save a lot of money each month with your utility bills.  In addition to saving money, your new home will be more comfortable to live in.  If you are building a new home from the ground up, make it a green home and ensure it’s future value.

3.  Less Maintenance:  Today’s new homes are designed and engineered to minimize maintenance requirements.  For example on the home’s exteriors, some builders are using composite products instead of wood, which reduces the need for paint and any wood rot.  New homes have new appliances, new windows, new doors, new roofs, and everything else.  Therefore, maintenance is something you shouldn’t need to consider for some time.

4.  Warranty:  If you are buying a new construction home, the builders will most likely offer a 1 year “bumper to bumper” warranty and then a 10 year structural warranty thereafter.  What this means is, within the first year you buy your home, the builder will warranty everything with your new home.  This is mostly due to contracts they have with their subcontractors.  The builders will ensure the subs will warrant their work for a year at no charge to the builder or homeowner.  After the first year, a lot of builders offer a 10 year structural warranty.  This ensures that any foundation shifting, cracks larger than the width of a nickle, or any framing issues are covered.

5.  Fire Safety:  Newly constructed homes often include fire safety features that are often absent from homes built years ago.  Items such as fire retardant in insulation and carpeting , hard wired smoke detectors, and exterior doors that allow time to exit the home if on fire.  These are safety features and also can help so that in case of a fire, your new home is not a total loss.

6.  Concessions:  Builders are typically paying interest on homes that have been completed but have not sold.  Therefore these builders are in a hurry to sell their standing inventory.  As a buyer, you can gain concessions from the builder such as money towards closing costs, free upgrades, or many other creative ideas that will sell these new homes.  You most likely will not get these concessions when buying a pre-owned home.

7.  Financing:  New home buyers may be able to take advantage of some financing perks offered by the builder.  In many cases the larger new home builders have their own in-house financing companies.  This could be a big deal as these finance companies will work with their builder partners to waive a lot of fees or even offer discounted mortgage rates.

8.  An Agent Familiar with New Home Construction:  As your agent, not only have I worked for new home builders, I have sold countless new homes to my clients.  I understand the ins and outs of new construction and what you can expect throughout the process.  If you are looking for a house that is brand new and ready to be lived in, I would LOVE to help you get into the home of your dreams!

Below you will find all available new homes in DFW that are under $250,000.  Let me know if you would like to see any of these in person!